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the studio and your he' seeing a mad dash. >> you better believe it, here in new york city alone, there are nearly 16,000 lotteries and it's hard to walk up and down the streets without seeing people pick up tickets and hit the streets of manhattan during the busiest shopping season of the year to see what hopeful buyers are hoping to scoop up if they win. >> look at that, i've got the winning ticket. thanks. >> so if you win, you're going to take your kids to disney world and do what else? >> i'll probably buy a nice house on the beach southwest. >> and give 10, $20, like $100 bill and win the ticket and win the jackpot. how come you decide today play today. my co-worker mentioned the price how high it is, i decided why not. >> what would you do if you won? >> i'm not quite sure, anything, and everything. >> big bucks, no whammies got my two bucks and hook it up, hook it up. give me the winning ticket here. >> and this is the winning ticket. good luck. >> sorry, guys, probably the last time you're going to see me on camera. or maybe wednesday will be the last time, actually here
will be seeing rain across the new york city area. >> warmed up quite a bit here on the east coast. now that will collide with the next system. >> doesn't seem like that will be a big concern in new york city. the big story will be the colder air behind it and sandy will be without power. >> let's talk about them. pi people who live there from staten island new york to help those recovering from super storm sandy. kindness new yorkers showed them in their time of need. we have more. >>> stal staten island hundreds of homes hit. they are working hard. >> flood waters reached above the windows inside randy's house. several people he didn't even know helped him clean up the debris. >> touching, heartwarming is not near enough a word to describe how you feel when these things are going on. people took time-out of their life to help. >> thank you very much. >> he was also feeling overwhelmed debris every where in the backyard. then this group just showed up and started cleaning. >> among the hundreds of workers and volunteers who come to staten island today and there are hundreds assisting
to the region that is devastated. ? staten island, new york is surreal but has begun. parts of the new york city burrough was destroid and people who live there are forced to start all over again. power is out for one million customers state wide there. it is an impruvment down from 2.2 and new york, million people dealing with no heat as the temperatures dip into freezing. there are warming centers to provide relief. getting around is a big issue for people. 80 percent of the subway service is now restored and there is limited trains coming from jersiers and some of the tunnels remain closed. that makes it difficult and lines for those who choose to drive. it is getting longer in new jersey and new york. the defense department setting up emergency mobile gas station. there is a limit 10 gallons a person. mayor bloomberg said it would be a big relief. >> i am optmistic in a couple of days, the shortage will disappear and relatively quickly. it takes time to get the fuel from where it start to where we need it >> that is it what words fopt is hear. quick, quickly david lee miller. so many people
to be seeing rain across the new york city area. >> harris: yeah, it had warmed up quite a bit on the east coast and now i guess it's going to collide with the next system. every time i hear that i get nervous with the systems colliding. >> that's right, the severe weather risk, but couldn't seem like that will be a concern in new york city, the big story is the cooler air behind it and the victims from sandy still without power. >> harris: thank you very much, maria. in fact, let's talk about them right now. people who lived through hurricane katrina know a thing or two about getting back on your feet. so, hundreds of them packed up and drove east to staten island, new york, to help those recovering from superstorm sandy. they say they're just returning the kindness that so many new yorkers showed them in their time of need. dan bowens of wnyw has more. >> new york, staten island, sandy ruined hundreds of homes and we found volunteers working hard to pick up the pieces. >> and the water height is where this is. >> flood waters reached above the windows inside randy's house and several peo
storm sandy, a new york city neighborhood suffered through fire and flooding. thieves struck at least three houses in the breezy point section of queens. over thanksgiving and one couple reportedly losing a $25,000 coin collection along with jewelry and watches, that hey hadn't been able to retrieve yet. the break ins happening wednesday and thursday when many families were away for the holiday. >>> also, on long island "the new york post" reporting people without electricity for weeks got zapped with normal electric bills. as if the outages never happened. jonathan is one of them. there is his bill, he's holding it up and says the long island power authority sent him a $649 bill for the long beach home he left in october. and, a $281 bill for his new great neck home. he's also expecting a $1700 bill for his storm ravaged restaurant in long beach that still doesn't have power. the statement is making no mention of potential refunds for the blackouts. there is a flip side at least to all of this. hope for relief for the areas hardest hit by the storm, from small business saturday, the
and still frustrations boiled over this weekend. victims lashed out at new york city mayor michael bloomberg and local station, ny 1, the local news channel caught the confrontation. >> this old lady has nothing, nothing. >> when are we going to get some (bleep) help. (bleep). >> take pictures. >> mr. mayor, seriously, people out here are very frustrated. >> and talk to the press. >> what's your response to people out here who are-- >> and working as hard as they can, the federal government, the state government, the city government we have an enormous number of city employees who haven working essentially 24/7. >> shepard: mayor bloomberg said drivers should expect gas shortages to continue for days. new jersey is in its second day of gas rationing. the likes of which we haven't seen since the gas crisis of the 1970's or what they called it at the time. rick leventhal in live in hoboken across the river from manhattan. how is the rationing working there, rick? >> we're clearly having trouble with rick's microphone. it's my understanding that we may have that back now. is that right? no. all
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Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)